Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Ombre Chocolate Cake!!

Ombre Chocolate Cake!!

I made this for the my maths double on Monday!! What is better than a celebration chocolate cake in the middle of two back to back maths classes!!

This is a very fast and easy way to make a cake look that much better! It does take a few extra bowls for colouring the icing but apart from that its very easy to do and looks very pretty!

I love my turntable which make this a lot easier! I wish i had taken photo of each steps but didn't think so here goes my explanation..
First of all I got the orange and cover the bottom half of the side with the icing. I then did the same with the white on the top half. Then i got more orange and filled in the gaps. At this stage it was looking very messy!!
Secondly I got the pink and did the top. Again i took the white and made the top of the edges covered.
Still looking a complete mess but nearly there... I warmed my knife with hot water and ran it along the side. Being very gentle and blending them together and smoothing out the icing and the same on the top. What is the perfect way to finish a cake but with sprinkles!!. Its important that you don't over work it so you get the cool ombre look! Meant to look messy!

Didnt take to many photo but here are a few from school...

Lemon meringue pie!!

Lemon meringue pie!!

Got home from school and was in the mood to bake! Always better than homework!!
A lady from dads work is leaving on Thursday and i make her cheesecakes all the time so i have also made the one for her leaving party. Baked New York cheesecake what could be better!!

There were left over biscuit base so i looked in the fridge and thought hmmm what can i make and saw a jar of home made lemon curd and eggs.... perfect lemon meringue pie!!!

This literally took about 5 minutes to put together. I just used a small cake tin and presses the biscuits in and slightly up the side and cooked that at 180'c for about 15mins to let it cook. I then put in the lemon curd which was a perfect about and was just under where the biscuit crust ended. Then piped meringue on the top and swirled it around. Back to the over or 4 mins and PERFECTO!

Went on a board straight into the fridge to cool it down and Mum and my brother George just had a piece each and said it tasted yuuum!!

Enjoy the few photos i took....

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Red velvet cupcakes and flower making!

Red velvet cupcakes and flower making!

For food tech class this year we were asked to make red velvet cupcakes and decorate them as part of out creativity internal. So here is our groups cupcakes!

To show how 'creative' we are we decided to use pink colouring instead of red and hope they would actually be bright pink but really they just looked the same as red velvet, no different there so no worries still looking good. We used the cupcake recipe from joy of baking website which is my favourite red velvet recipe so far. 

A few days before food tech i decided to make a few cute flowers to put on top, only a few because i didn't want there to be too much fondant or gum paste which i don't think tastes nice so just a few of them there and other smaller flowers to balance it out!

Enjoy the photos: