Sunday 28 October 2012

Blue and Yellow Cupcakes!

Blue and Yellow Cupcakes!

To farewell the seniors at school and this years house leaders, as a proud member of Mary Pulling house all my tutor class was to bring blue and yellow cupcakes for the rest of the house to celebrate the year! As yellow and blue are our house colours - not really colours you often see together i just decided you can never go wrong with sprinkles!

My draw is getting full...

My draw is getting full..

As you can see i have dedicated myself to my own rather large draw in the kitchen. It is getting very fill with more of the food items i buy and it seems you can never have enough!

Thursday 11 October 2012

Funfetti Cupcakes!


These are gluten free funfetti cupcakes! I love the idea of biting into a cupcake and seeing hidden colour of sprinkles in the cupcake! I used large heart sprinkles in the batter which ended up as big explosion of colour as shown in the last photo, but you can use any :)