Monday 21 January 2013

White Chocolate Cake Pops!!

White Chocolate Cake Pops!!

The first time and really up until now i had always thought, ew cake pops, how weird a cake on a stick, not planning to ever make those. Then i was a shop and came across the cake pop sticks and decided to give them a go, so here goes, not be bad for a first attempt i i may say so myself...

These are vanilla cake pops covered in pink white chocolate! I didn't make them gluten free as i didn't want the temptation to eat them but i had great complements from my brother and his friend! I don't know why i never like the sound of them and i still think it is odd to eat a cake off a stick covered in chocolate. I have taken quite a few photos of the great mess i made creating these on my late night baking adventures. I was a bit of a cheat when making them i do admit. There is something about making a cake and then attacking it with a folk and icing that i just couldn't do if i made it myself. So i got a Betty Crocker box which i did feel a bit guilty about, but im not the one eating them so i didn't feel so bad. I didn't expect it to be able as easy as it was to form the ball, freeze it and dip it in chocolate. They look really nice though and i am planning to be making more adventurous flavours soon!

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