Monday 21 January 2013

Merry Christmas, Happy new year and Hello 2013!!

Merry Christmas, Happy new year and Hello 2013!!

Yes i know i have been very slack in uploading anything since November 2012! But i am back now with some of my summer cooking and baking! Hope you are all enjoying you holidays and time off!

On Christmas day i was lucky enough to open a big heavy box and inside a bright pink (raspberry ice) KITCHEN AID!! It had been on my wish list for a very long time and i cant even explain how good it is compared to my old sunbeam broken beaters! I know they cost a lot but i recommend them to anyone as in the last 4 weeks that it has been mine everything i have made using it is so much easier, nicer and i just love it.

Before Christmas you may already know i had been gluten free for about 5 months... i am now also trying dairy free so expect to see a lot more gluten free,dairy free and vegan baking and food and i attempt to try and make it as good as regular baking!! 

Here are some of the photo of our family Christmas day food and drinks:

Taken on Christmas morning of my new favourite kitchen appliance!

I just thought i would add this in as its the beautiful view we had looking out on Lake Rotoiti, New Zealand on Christmas night of the sun setting!

Classic Pavlova with berry coli and fresh strawberries and whipped cream yuuum

Summer has always been my favourite because of all the amazing fruit including these cherries which i ate a lot of!

Another Caramel and pecan cheese cake! This was for my Dads 50th birthday that we had down in Queenstown, New Zealand the week before Christmas!

Carrot muffins that were gluten and dairy free made for morning tea with the family!

Brandy snaps with fresh berries and cherries with my bestie Georgia <3

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