Tuesday 26 March 2013

Lemon meringue pie!!

Lemon meringue pie!!

Got home from school and was in the mood to bake! Always better than homework!!
A lady from dads work is leaving on Thursday and i make her cheesecakes all the time so i have also made the one for her leaving party. Baked New York cheesecake what could be better!!

There were left over biscuit base so i looked in the fridge and thought hmmm what can i make and saw a jar of home made lemon curd and eggs.... perfect lemon meringue pie!!!

This literally took about 5 minutes to put together. I just used a small cake tin and presses the biscuits in and slightly up the side and cooked that at 180'c for about 15mins to let it cook. I then put in the lemon curd which was a perfect about and was just under where the biscuit crust ended. Then piped meringue on the top and swirled it around. Back to the over or 4 mins and PERFECTO!

Went on a board straight into the fridge to cool it down and Mum and my brother George just had a piece each and said it tasted yuuum!!

Enjoy the few photos i took....

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